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I had a privilege to be part of Gian ant team to work on a safety video for Westjet company. My role was 3ِ model, texture, and animation.

Experience an inflight safety video like no other, featuring the imagination of a young girl. The story is told through her eyes as she experiences the magic of flying for the very first time.

I was responsible for 3d modeling, texturing of the airplane and other elements and animation for the safety section.


Client: Westjet
Agency: Rethink
Directed by Giant Ant
Head of Production: Teresa Toews
Producer: Cory Philpott
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin, Eric Pautz
Art Direction: Eric Pautz
Animation Supervisor: Matt James
Storyboard: Rafael Mayani, Eric Pautz, Genice Chan, Diego Maclean
Illustration: Eric Pautz, Genice Chan, Tom Goyon, Charles Lemor, Tim Mack, Benjamin Flouw
Character Design: Rafael Mayani, Genice Chan, Eric Pautz

2D Animation: Diego Maclean, Conor Whelan, Sitji Chou, Henrique Barone, Taylor Peters, Johannes Fast 

Character Modelling: Victor Hugo Queiroz, Jonas Vandeputte, Felipe Bassi, Niklas Bak, Guzz Soares, Eric Pautz

Rigging: Eric Legare, The Sequence Group

3D Modelling: Omid Seraj, Abhishek Joshi, Eric Pautz, The Sequence Group3D

Animation: The Sequence Group, Omid Seraj

Texture Painting: Eric Pautz, Genice Chan, Abhishek Joshi, Matt James, Omid Seraj

Matte Paintings: Eric Pautz, Genice Chan

Compositing: Eric Pautz, Matt James, Shawn Hight, Diego Maclean, Conor Whelan, Taylor Peters

Music + Sound Design: Vapor/RMW

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