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Reebok's new FW20 campaign relies heavily on the fact that the product design is inspired by a classic 70’s Reebok running shoe. Their intent with the "Write your Legacy" message is to make reference to the heritage connection and evolution while emphasizing a future-focused perspective with their new release. Because no real photography of the product was feasible at the time of development, Reebok came to Blackmath with a goal to create CG renderings of “graphics pack” visuals and animations for the entire line.


No matter what your business does, it’s built by your people. Whether you have 50 employees or 50,000, your people are your biggest investment, and understanding them is critical to your success.

We’ve spent over a decade figuring out the right workforce questions to ask so that you don’t have to. If you want to really understand your people and your business, it’s time to ask Visier.



Produced by: Good Bad Habits

Project Manager: Anna Anthony

Creative Direction: Mark Stokoe (Visier)

Design + Direction: Kunal Sen
Design + 3D Animation: Omid Seraj
Music and Sound: Kambiz Aghdam / Playdate Audio

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