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After world war II and improving in TV broadcasting, it becomes popular, and television sets become commonplace in home and business. After 1950, television was the primary medium for influencing public opinion. The idea of using TV instead of people in human activity convey how this medium or even other media like the internet are controlling all aspect of our life. TV is only a representative and includes all other media we are dealing with them every day which we devoted our life in front of this magic box instead of using our energy and time to deal with our problem and improve life. We forget a real life and devote our reality by being in part of the imaginary world. It seems virtual characteristic of us are more desirable than our real body. We are addicted to watching TV programs or roving in social media instead of doing a real activity and communicate with the member of families or friends.

In this piece, I demonstrate some aspect of uncanny. I want to show illusory nature of TV. TV embodies reflection of moving images. It seems real, but it is a reflection of reality. In another word, reflection is a double, which is a source of uncanny that happens between a person and one’s double. Repetition is another fact of uncanny. Returning to the same place unconsciously or seeing a scene that results something seen before are examples of this effect. I used both in my motion video to arise uncanny feeling in the audience.

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