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Reebok's new FW20 campaign relies heavily on the fact that the product design is inspired by a classic 70’s Reebok running shoe. Their intent with the "Write your Legacy" message is to make reference to the heritage connection and evolution while emphasizing a future-focused perspective with their new release. Because no real photography of the product was feasible at the time of development, Reebok came to Blackmath with a goal to create CG renderings of “graphics pack” visuals and animations for the entire line.


We use skyscrapers as a metaphor for Qlik’s Embedded Analytics. We reveal the construction and inner layers of it to explain how Qlik’s embedded analytics can be used by the developers for a streamlined approach and embed with recommended insights directly in the working application. We showed the main building in a crowded cityscape as an analogy for the competitive landscape, with the Qlik skyscraper standing apart from the rest.


The brand uses 2D designs combined with isometric visuals for this concept. In order for the concept to look more convincing and impactful, we used 3D rendered in 2D toon style to morph from a 2D to transforming into a 3D isometric look with more depth and dynamics. 



Digital Agency: Centerline Digital

Account Director: Amy Mckeel

Creative Director: Maura Gaughan

Senior Art Director/ Storyboard/Designer: Jona Daluz

3D Production and Animation: Omid Seraj

Sound Designer: Dan Schneider

Project Manager: Anna Anthony

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