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100 food journey is a story of Indian family leaves India to find a new home for living. They settle in Lumiere, a small town in French. They open an Indian restaurant and become familiar between people of Lumiere. Their popularity infuriates Madam Mallory who has a French restaurant across the street. After she carries on a cooking war with family, she agrees to mentor Hassan, son of the family and leading him to Paris and open his own restaurant.
The hundreds food journey is a distance between these two restaurants but it represents the gulf between culture and desire.
My concept is representing a journey by using an old van that starts the journey from the country of color and spices to a country with a great history in cuisine.
I used colors with high contrast to represent difference and beauty of both cultures. Also using symbolic building from both countries and music help the audience to make familiar with the theme and story of the film.

Music: Reunion by A.R Rahman

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